Dan Deacon Ultimate Recap

I posted the pics and there was some discussion in the comments as to how the night went down. To say it was an amazing performance would be an understatement. Let's just say I bookmarked it in my head for the end of the year list. My fellow bloggers certainly felt the same and have some really good stuff up on their sites so I added the links below so you can check them out and get their opinions. Even better Switch Burn was there and got the whole thing on film, if you are not familiar with Switch Burn check them out they film from multiple angles so it's like you were there and in three different places.....

Watch These Videos!!!!

Dan Deacon - The Crystal Cat
Dan Deacon - Snake Mistakes

Sonic Itch Music was there and has the best pictures....as always!
Mr. Curiosity breaks it down better than I ever could.
And I earned respect from Oddity Odyssey, Ha Ha...

Photo: Blurry pic of the human tunnel I went through at Dan Deacon!!!!