The Hottest State

I am still attempting to get things back in order after this weekend. I will have a proper post up to replace the photo streams in the next day or so. I have so much to write about! But for today I thought I would just give you a run down of all that's been going on. Starting with The Hottest State. THINKFilm and the Austin Film Festival will hosting the premiere of the film tomorrow night at the Paramount Theater. The film is written and directed by Ethan Hawke (who will be in attendance) and boasts an impressive soundtrack with the likes of Willie Nelson, Norah Jones, Cat Power and more. I'm excited tomorrow will be my first time attending a screening at the Paramount. Here's all the necessary info.

Film trailer:

More news....

I am addicted to Austin music blog Sonic Itch Music. Check out their photos from ACL while I get my act together. They are truly phenomenal pics and they always write about good stuff.

The Smashing Pumpkins are coming to the Backyard on November 2nd. Tickets will be made available 9/22 at 10am.

M.I.A will be back in Austin on November 3rd performing at the Hogg Auditorium. So that should be an interesting weekend. Those tickets go on sale 9/21.

Interpol have released an amazing new video for "No I in Threesome" that is only available on Amazon.

And I will be back (much) later tonight.....