Ze Weekend

Sounds like an ideal way to spend a Sunday afternoon.... from Party Ends.com :

Alright, so, everyone knows how fucking cool this coming Sunday's super summer party, the Summer Extrav-o-ganza 2: Cruise Control is going to be, so don't even start with me. I know you've seen it everywhere, from here to Austinist, to the Onion, but time is running short. It's less than a week away now, and this, my friends, is pretty much worth driving from any city in Texas for. There are only a few spots left for the 150 or so partygoers to set sail on the not so salty seas of Lake Travis aboard the good ship the Ark. $20 gets you 5 hours of live music, including the transcendant White Denim, and Dj's Markus with a K and Hustle Simmons, and all the beer you can drink, and food you can eat (burgers, hot dogs, and veggie options). Come on!

Get your tickets HERE! Before they are gone!