I'm off, I'm thirsty and this is the closest I can get to home right now so why not come join me at The Mohawk.

Compañeros, This Wednesday afternoon, as the sun shines from behind the clouds, there will be friends drinking away their sorrows on Red River at the Mohawk. It's a celebration of pain in the mexican tradition of day drinking. Your balance will betray you like your first love; pain that you can't live without, and your fifth drink is on the house. (We're gonna play a bunch of old Mexican drinking songs.) From 5-8, Rosa "La Pistola" Madriz and "El Caballo Padre" Ed Moderow will be guest bartenders at the Mohawk Grizzly Bar Happy Hour. They'll be working the register and pouring what you need - not what you want. The signature drinks for the afternoon are the Paloma (Cazadores on the rocks with a splash of Squirt) and Tecate with a shot of tequila reposado. Tambien hay ice cold Lonestars and High Life for $1. The two Mohawk movie screens will be showcasing various classics from the golden age of mexican cinema and the guest baristas will be spinning all your favorite mexican tracks including norteño, banda, corridos, baladas, cuarteto, cumbia, folklórico y algo de rock. Come have a drink with us. Créeme, it means more when you know the bartender.

Afterward Head out to Emo's inside stage where Peel and Prom Nite will be taking stage. It is also Prom Nite's album release party! They will have a second release party tomorrow at The Mohawk but more on that.... Tomorrow!

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