My bad

As a resident of the city of Austin and local music blogger it is practically mandatory that I be a Spoon fan. But until recently I wasn't buying, don't get me wrong the last album Gimme Fiction had some very catchy tunes. But after a less than inspiring performance at last years Fun Fun Fun Fest I pretty much threw the towel in. Until I received a copy of Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, their latest effort. In constant rotation since the songwriting is amazing, the production is solid and I have since purchased by tickets to their ACL aftershow with Sound Team. Everyone should go pick this album up. Chances are if you are in Austin, you probably already did....

Spoon on Tour

Aug 04 Chicago, IL
Aug 05 Baltimore, MD
Aug 10 Oslo, Norway
Aug 11 Gotebourg, Sweden
Aug 12 Leicester, UK
Aug 14 Paredes De Coura, Portugal
Aug 16 London, UK
Aug 17 London, UK,
Aug 18 Hasselt, Belgium
Sep 06 Portland, OR
Sep 07 Vancouver, BC
Sep 08 Victoria, BC,
Sep 10 Los Angeles, CA
Sep 11 Los Angeles, CA
Sep 14 Austin, TX
Sep 15 Denver, CO
Sep 16 San Francisco, CA
Oct 10 Minneapolis, MN
Oct 11 Minneapolis, MN
Oct 13 Detroit, MI
Oct 15 Toronto, ON
Oct 16 Montreal, QC
Oct 19 Philadelphia, PA
Oct 20 New York, NY
Oct 24 Asheville, NC
Oct 26 Nashville, TN
Oct 27 New Orleans, LA
Nov 01 Houston, TX
Nov 02 Dallas, TX