Ze Weekend

Somebody told me they didn't know about the Stills show last weekend, then told me to get off my ass a put up a weekend show list since I don't post on the weekend. I love constructive criticism.

Tonight - 6/22

Emo's 15th Anniversary Week
Glorium (reunion), Faceless Werewolves, Horse + Donkey, Matt Oliver (of Sound Team) at Emo's
The anniversary week is almost over, the line up is solid. Okay I just want to see some Matt Oliver solo stuff...

Wolfmother, Softlightes at Stubb's
You know who they are.

Rare Mag presents Fashion Attack with the Lemurs at the Mohawk
The Lemurs are one of the best local bands we got, Rare Magazine is fun to read. The Mohawk is awesome. No brainer here.

Saturday - 6/23

Benko, The Distant Seconds, Parks & Wildlife at the Carousel Lounge
I know nothing about Benko, but I hear a lot of good things. This may be my shot.

All Hail, The Drawing Board at Shakespeare's
They are both really good a MySpace promotion, and I really dig their music. Put them both together and you can't miss.

Sunday - 6/24

Polyphonic Spree, Jesca Hoop, Sweet Lee Morrow at Stubb's
Butterflies and rainbows, the sun and new uniforms. Stubbs is a perfect setting.

Battles, Ponytail, Unwed Sailor at Emo's (inside stage)
Battles comes with a lot of hype so check them out and in a year when they are huge you can say you saw them at Emo's, on the inside stage. Huge cred booster.

There you go, have a good weekend!