Back for the 1st time...

Call it a vacation, if by vacation you mean I have been so busy in the "real world" to get any thing done around here. But I am back from whatever that was. I have had a lot of time to go over some ideas for this blog that I have had in mind. I won't spoil the surprises but I can guarantee you will notice some changes. Not all being advertising that is slowly starting to pop up (gotta pay the bills right?) But seriously, thanks for those that read daily.

I have cleaned up the side bar and made the Do512 tool on the right more prominent. I feel this is the best way to see what shows are coming up in the near future. That and it's a fun site and very useful.

But on to the task at hand.

Tonight at Stubbs BBQ is the amazing Manu Chao. After playing the festival circuit (Lolla, Coachella, etc) over the last year or so he make his way to Austin in the most intimate setting I can imagine. The show has been SOLD OUT for months. Even I missed this one, but I would suggest Craigslist. I caught his performance at Coachella and it was nothing short of spectacular.

Check out fellow blog Cause=Time for his review from the show at Red Rocks, plus links to a live performance. I borrowed two, thanks (or sorry) Julio!

  1. Manu Chao-Bobby Marley[mp3]

  2. Manu Chao-Bongo Bongo[mp3]
Back with more this afternoon.