Finally! A TOUR UPDATE!!

Now 5 days into the tour, sorry for the lack of post but with all that has been going on it's been tough. Traveling with a touring band is tough. The obstacles that come up everyday vary from the obvious (gas is expensive!) to the funny (playing with a bunch of metal bands?) but so far so good, I guess.

Back to the beginning. The drive from Austin to El Paso is not my favorite thing to do in the world. We got through it though and made it to the hometown. Meeting up with old friends is always a good time and we were taken out to eat on more occasions than could ever be necessary. The venue in El Paso was called Zeppelin's and the band found out that they would share the bill with several metal bands. Sometimes I wonder if the people that book these shows even listen to the bands? It ended up working out though and the show was a lot of fun. We ended up crashing a party at 3:00am and finished of the night. Good times in El Paso...

Yesterday was spent on the road traveling through Arizona and New Mexico, it was a good drive and we spent about 12 hours on the road. Arizona was kind of strange but we did have time for some In and Out Burger. We decided to keep going and made it all the way to California and passed through the Coachella venue. It was funny to be back so soon after the festival a few weeks ago. We managed to have dinner under the dinosaurs that were in Pee Wees Big Adventure (or at least I think they were?)

Now in Los Angeles, Kevin from the amazing band Sputnik Monroe was kind enough to put us up for the next few days. The bonus was that he lives a few minutes from Venice Beach. Just got back from a walk to the ocean. California has been good so far..

Tonight it is on to The Scene Bar, where JAX from Rock Insider was kind enough to put together a great show tonight. If you are in the Los Angeles area come out tonight, should be a good time!

I have wireless now, so the updates should come more frequently.