The Battle of Coachella

So here is the Coachella recap. It was a great weekend and despite missing flights yesterday due to such heavy traffic and a mutual love for In and Out Burger I am back at home. I love the day after these things, I never quite know how to feel transitioning back into the "real world". I tried to post daily but never really had time. And when I did have time I (for one reason or another) could not remember who I saw at what time. But I'm back home and here is my weekend....


Of Montreal - Finally caught them after failing miserably at Emo's a few weeks back. I love Hissing Fauna but the live show should be reserved for late nights. Still enjoyable, but they were plagued with sound problems on. He came out in the strangest stilts and feather outfit. I still believe they are amazing performers.,

Silversun Pickups - I didn't know they were from the Indio area till the other day, what a homecoming. I guess their success over the last few months makes their main stage spot well deserved. I was worried at first because they sounded bad from far away. But once we got closer it was great. The bands set was the official start of the festival for me.

Arctic Monkeys - They still look like they are twelve, but they have a swagger to them now. The set was heavy on the new album's tracks. Which is not a bad thing at all. Some girl flashed the band early on and they played it cool, which was funny. The sun was going down and we were off to a good start.

Julieta Venegas - A beautiful voice and an amazing talent. I love that she pointed out how people from border towns mixed both English and Spanish when they talked and how the performance would be the same. I hope she makes it to Austin soon.

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Caught this from a more comfortable part of the field. Scarlett Johansson came out with the band which was not a big deal but worth mentioning.

Interpol - My most anticipated show of the weekend started off the way I hoped it would. The band finally made it's return starting off with a new track from the upcoming album. This song is dark, intense and exceeds whatever expectation I could have ever had for the band. They also threw in Heinrich Maneuver and Mammoth. Carlos D. looks like a badass now. The set was short though.

Bjork- Visually amazing, she had someone using this new gadgets that was changing the tones in her voice. This works because of the amazing voice that Bjork has. She also was accompanied by a full choir and performed every song I wanted her too. She would end each song with "thankyouverymuch."

DJ Shadow - Was able to catch a few minutes because he started so late. It was fun and their were breakdancers all over the place doing all these crazy moves. Delirium from lack of sleep got the best of us so we decided to call it a night.

Saturday -

Hot Chip - We chilled out at the hotel and didn't get to the grounds till it was time for Hot Chip. I just saw them two days before but still managed to enjoy the show. We avoided going into the tent because it was so hot in there, so just found a good spot off to the side and took it all in.

Peter, Bjorn and John - Another band that was on my must see list, we toughed it out and made are way to the front of the stage. I have to be honest, it started of kind of slow. Then some where along the way they hit their stride. And they finished strong bring out Shout Out Louds singer Bebben Stenborg pinch hitting for Victoria of the Concretes on "Young Folks."

Kings of Leon - I actually tried to avoid this show because they will be in Austin next week. But were in good viewing from the beer garden and one thing lead to another. The band sounds as confident as ever and the new album might be my favorite of them all. Good times.

Arcade Fire -What can I say? They are one of the best bands in the world. In all honesty I wish the set would have more tracks off the first album, but it was still triumphant. Win jumped off stage towards the end of the performance and sang face to face with crowd.

Justice - At the suggestion of many people we skipped RHCP and made our way to the Sahara tent for Justice. They perform behind and lit cross and the sound was amazing.. and loud. It was my first time in the Sahara tent this time around and it was a sight to see.

LCD Soundsystem - Good ol' James Murphy, didn't mess around. Started late so went right into Daft Punk is Playing at My House. Did not stop there, the set was filled with all the best tracks from both albums. Finished with "New York I Love You, But Your Bringing Me Down." When he finished a song you could hear Chili Peppers. He thanked the crowd for choosing LCD.

The Rapture - We had no energy at this point but it was still a good time. They took forever to start too. But they started with Out of the Races so all is forgiven. The projection of the band mixed with weird rave videos during the set was a nice touch.

Sunday -

The Roots - Got there really late on Sunday but made it in time for The Roots. The world famous showed why they are just that. The best part of the set was when they did a medley of a bunch of hip hop tracks including Push It by Salt and Pepa.

Kaiser Chiefs - A favorite of mine, they started of and by the fourth track they had performed all the songs I wanted to hear. I don't know how to thank them for giving me time to catch CSS.

CSS - One of the most fun live shows, CSS, are such a cool band. Everyone was dancing and having a good time. The band invited everyone back to their house after the show so that the party could be continued.

Klaxons - The surprise of the weekend. I own the album and was either way. This set ended up being one of the beat I saw all weekend. So much so that you can expect me to write about them a lot from now on. Was able to get front row and it was quite the good time. Go buy Klaxons!

Lily Allen - The most hyped show of the day, Lily talked about how she was not familiar with Rage ( apparently they are quite huge!) and forgot lyrics to her own songs ( damn spliffs!) and also treated the band to an excellent stage show. She performed "Smile" hesitantly and threw in covers of Blondie's "Heart of Glass" and 50 Cent's "Window Shopper."

Manu Chao -A legend who surprised everyone who was just there to see Rage. Everyone on the way out was talking about how amazing he was. He will be at Stubbs in June. I am getting tickets this week.

Rage Against The Machine - They opened with Testify, it was really tense before the show (everyone sizing each other up) and it was history in the making. It was one of those performance that goes by so quickly because you are in shock with what you are seeing. I got some bruises from this show but it was so worth it.

I was on the plane home and I read this and it applied perfectly to why I go to so many festivals, shows, etc. This is exactly how I feel about why I do this.

I think it all goes back to what our ancestors were doing 20,000 years ago. There's just something about having this sublime experience together.It's not even about seeing bands. It's about your friends. That's what I have always said festivals are. It's not about seeing a group. It's about you. This isn't about how great bands are. This is about how great your life can be. - Wayne Coyne

Thanks for reading....