The Shins

The Shins are playing The Backyard tonight and I will not be in attendance. With SXSW a week a way and the price of the tickets ( $32 for The Shins?) I am keeping away from the show tonight. Tickets are still available as of right now, or you can enter you email for a chance to win tickets over at the Austinist. Good Luck. Viva Voce are offering support and are great, get there early.

I added a new site to my links section that is worth checking out. Earvolution is the site and they are holding a SXSW day show that is worth checking out.

Yet another showcase worth checking out:

Sub Pop will be heading to the lovely shire that is Austin, Texas to unleash our beasts (er, bands) on an entirely unsuspecting public. Actually, this public will most likely be fairly unsurprised as we are planning this trip to coincide with the 2007 SXSW Music Conference and they put our name in the schedule and all. Come check out our showcase at Emo’s IV Lounge (at 601 Red River) on Wednesday March 14th featuring…

Kinski (12:45am)
Oxford Collapse (11:30pm)
Loney, dear (10:30pm)
Tiny Vipers (9:30pm)
And then, the band Maps & Atlases, who are not actually on the label, but who several people here think quite a great deal of, will be playing at 8:30.

And this will be quite the awesome as well, JAX from Rock Insider will be bringing the party to Apple Bar on the 15th.