Initial SXSW lineup!

Back from Beerland where I was able to catch the first SOUNDteam show of a two night stand. I'm sure tomorrow will be more crowded, but tonight was great. The word got out to a small group and even the Black Angels were in attendance. Good times. Tonight we have another great show going on at Stubbs BBQ. The Lemurs, Lomita and Burning Hotels! Seriously doesn't get much better than that, plus the show tonight didn't start till 1:00 so maybe I will catch night two of ST as well.

But most importantly the initial line up for SXSW is up, there will be more announcements coming soon but check the really long list now. I see some crappy bands on there which makes me kind of sad. But overall not to shabby. I don't know how I will handle the entire festival, really I don't...

[SXSW Initial band line up]