All that I can fit...

You can stream the entire Bloc Party album "Weekend in the City" on MySpace right now. I was expecting it to not be as good as it actually is. Poor choices as singles if you ask me, first song is the shit. The album is out Tuesday for those who haven't downloaded it on the net.

And while I'm in a British mood, the lads from Arctic Monkey's have named their new album and given us a tracklisting. They will be dropping "Favourite Worst Nightmare" on April 23. Just in time for the Coachella Music Fest. Here is the tracklisting:

'Teddy Picker'
'D Is For Dangerous'
'Fluorescent Adolescent'
'Only Ones Who Know'
'Do Me A Favour'
'This House Is a Circus'
'If You Were There, Beware'
'The Bad Thing'
'Old Yellow Bricks'

Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, Tha - From The Ritz To The Rubble

I got a lot of emails about my logo picture from the Ghostland Observatory show last month, here is the original pic.
I have been listening to this album quite a bit, thought I would share.