60 Days, Rage and bells being rocked...

Rage Against The Machine add some more shows! For those who can't make it there is some hope. RATM and The Wu Tang Clan team up for Rock The Bells. That's right they will share the stage. Click on the official site for more details. This is the Coachella of Hip Hop, or at least that is what I am told.

Speaking of which I just noticed we have 60 days till Coachella. No additions to the roster as of yet. but I did notice the other day that Morrissey will be touring the U.S extensively and the tour dates begin on April 27th. Maybe he will be added? I would post the tour date news but I really don't remember where I saw it.

The new Queens of the Stone Age album will be titled Era Vulgaris and will feature Julian Casablancas of The Strokes and Trent Reznor. And will probably be the hardest shit that has come out in a while. I freaked out when I saw who was guesting on the album.

Speaking of Trent Reznor, Year Zero is coming out soon. They are leaving all kinds of cryptic messages and even full songs for fans to find. I can't even begin to explain it so read more about it here. I did want to put up the album cover for those who have not seen it yet. and check out the albums mini site. [Year Zero Site]

While I am on the subject of Reznor, he is also on the new track from El-P. The song is called "Flyentology" and it is pretty damn good. I became a fan of El-P when he had this to say about the Mars Volta in URB Magazine a few month back.

"The Mars Volta had the album of the year to me. Basically in my eyes, when Volta drops a record it's pretty much the album of the year. No one is even attempting to do the shit they are doing, which is better than 99% of the shit out there."

The Mars Volta guest on the upcoming album as well as Cat Power, Aesop Rock and others.