You read this, I sleep

Of course it happened on Friday but the list of SXSW shows is up and running. Go to the site, listen to clips from bands you've never heard of. It's a lot to take in but that is half the fun. Seriously, listen to the mp3's, you may just find a band you might have missed otherwise. I will make my own personal guide in the next week or so and have that up here. I also added a link section for both SXSW and Coachella on the side bar so you can reference the post and find links to shows and other news a little easier.

SXSW Band Schedules:

Also, check Yaris for a super useful map thing so you can set your itinerary for SXSW and have a map of where everything is.

I am really into these podcasts over at AOL Interface. They had the Black Angels on the other day and most recent, Kaiser Chiefs doing an acoustic set including the new track Ruby. Download them for free now. Check the archives.

I make bad decisions that cause me to miss shows sometimes. The most recent being Of Montreal last Friday. I am more than sad, check out these pics from the show via Austinist.

Of Montreal :: A Sentence Of Sorts In Kongsvinger

Zechs Marquise are currently on tour. They are a great band based out of El Paso, Texas and I should have an interview up with them in the near future. Give them a listen and then when they come to your town show them support.

And even I can't avoid a little celebrity gossip every once in a while. Seriously, has Britney Spears completely lost her mind? I loathe the fact that gossip shows have started calling her Britney"Shears", I hate when they do things like that.