8201 Interview - Teenage Symphony

I can't peg them to any contemporary music and I'm not going to try. They make me feel like it's the 60's again and I'm 26, you do the math. What I like about TS is that they make music that may not grab you right off the bat but after a few listens... hooked. They will be in Austin performing at The Mohawk on February 17th. With Prayer For Animals, The Boxing Lesson and The Shells.

Teenage Symphony

You recently played a show put on by Dallas music blog, GorillavsBear, how was the show? What did it do as far as exposure for the band?

There was a different crowd than usual, so I think the exposure was good. I think maybe two, possibly three, people really liked us!

You are going to be in Austin on February 17th at The Mohawk. What can music fans in Austin expect from Teenage Symphony? Have you played here before?

We played at the Chain Drive last summer with the shells and economy and it was one of the best crowds we've had to date--very attentive and appreciative. It was a very memorable show. People can expect a few differences this time. We've added a new member, added some new songs and different instruments. We are excited about playing in Austin again and it will be our last show before we take a long break to record our first album.

What influenced you to name the group Teenage Symphony?

Our name comes from Brian Wilson's description of the “Smile” album 'a teenage symphony to god'; it's one of our favorite albums (the unfinished bootleg version NOT the rerecorded version, which no one should ever hear!). Also most of us haven't really grown out of the gloomy teenager phase so that makes the name seem even more appropriate.

What can we expect in the future as far as full releases? What can we pick up at your shows?

We are planning to start recording our first album on a 16 track reel to reel recorder we purchased. All of our current songs were recorded on an 8 track cassette recorder, so we are upgrading to 8 more tracks and higher fidelity. At the Austin show we'll probably have t-shirts for sale and maybe some demos to hand out and Geoffrey and Lucas will be selling kisses and hugs.

What are some albums you are listening to right now?

The Hallelujah Chicken Run Band and James Brown are pretty much all Geoffrey will listen to. The rest of us have been listening to a little of everything--Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation, swan lake-beast moans, Of Montreal's new album, lots of Roy Orbison and Francoise hardy, Switched on Bach I and II, the Hangmans Daughter by the incredible string band.