Stolen Transmission Goes Back To Indie Roots

Since major labels have no clue on how to successfully market and release albums it a sad truth that layoffs will continue throughout the industry. Unfortunately, Stolen Transmission the label run by Sarah "Ultragrrrl" Lewitinn is the latest casualty after being dropped from the Island/Def Jam roster. She remains positive though:

"Thanks everyone for all your kind words and support (save for the person above who still doesnt know the difference between there, their, and they're). It really means a lot to me to hear you all say such nice things about the artists on Stolen Transmission.

Stolen Transmission started IN MY BEDROOM as an indie label putting out hand made cds of bands that me and Rob believed in. We werent funded back then, and we were really happy. We did everything because of how much we loved music. Now that I've had my experience with Island/Def Jam, I know how to actually run a label, and I helped set up 9 amazing releases from Permanent ME, the Oohlas, Monty Are I, Bright Light Fever, the Horrors, Schoolyard Heroes, PlayRadioPlay!, Innerpartysystem, and the Photo Atlas. I'm so fucking proud that my label went from me and a bunch of interns sitting in my bedroom smoking and watching degrassi and eating guac i had just made to me sitting in meetings once a week with JayZ and now it'll just go back to being run from my apartment again. We plan on continuing with Stolen Transmission and are really excited to be returning to our indie roots."

And I wish her the best, she has been supportive of this site in the past and anyone that can take an meeting with Jay-Z and still have time to answer an email from me is someone I can truly admire and respect. Good Luck Sarah!

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