Best of 2007 (Live Performances)

So this is where the lists begin, I thought I would start the week off with live performances that I was able to catch this year. I based this on the effect of the performance, how much I like the band and the venue. Take it for what it was, all I can say is that I'm truly blessed to have seen all of these performances this year.

10. Battles - Emo's 6/24/07

Out of nowhere. Battles was one of the most refreshing shows I saw all year. The songs are a hard pill to swallow at first but one you see the amazing musician that put it together in action you can't help but be amazed.

9. Interpol - Stubbs BBQ 9/26/07

A perfect blend of all three albums. If I were given the opportunity to write the set list that is exactly how I would have done it. The band was in good spirits that night.

8. Albert Hammond Jr. - The Parish 6/3/07
The Strokes guitarist stepped out and delivered one of my most memorable performances of the year. More importantly the night itself. We braved an intense storm just to make it to the show and after I got to play a couple of games of pool with Strokes manager Ryan Gentles.

7. Cold War Kids and Elvis Perkins - La Zona Rosa (SXSW) 3/15/07
Cold War Kids are truly a spectacle to see. When they invited Elvis Perkins and his band onstage at SXSW for a huge jam session of We Used To Vacation they solidified one of the best performances of the entire week.

6. Arcade Fire - Austin City Limits - 9/16/07
Being able to watch from the side of the stage was just one of the bonuses. This band put so much energy into their live performance and the set made me realize just how good Neon Bible is.

5. Justice - Coachella 4/28/07
Before they became the sensation that they are today they were just a suggestion for me. I skipped out on Red Hot Chili Peppers in order to see them at Coachella. No regrets at all. All I remember is that signature cross and more Marshall amps than you could ever imagine.

4. Rage Against The Machine - Coachella 4/29/07
Seven years gone, the energy just minutes before they took stage was electric. People sizing up one another, the excitement/fear. By the end of the set it was as if they never left.

3. Mew - Filter High Noon at SXSW 3/17/07
That afternoon was the perfect blend of too many drinks and great music. I was excited about seeing Mew but something about the energy of their songs mixed with the atmosphere that day. I listened to them constantly for months after.

2. Ghostland at The Opera - Hogg Auditorium 1/17/07

The one that kicked off the amazing year for the band. I have seen them 10 times this year and any one of them could easily have a spot on this list. But this was them showing their potential. This is the one that started the lasers.

1. TV on The Radio - La Zona Rosa 4/05/07
It was better than I could have ever imagined. I love the bands albums and I had even seen them the year before but nothing could have prepared me for the energy that night. Watching people let go and just go crazy during the songs was truly a sight. Sometimes after shows your tired, drunk, etc. That night we left really happy.