Fun Fun Fun Links

I went digging through and found all the best reviews and pics from this weekends festival down at Waterloo Park. Looked like it was a great time and I'm pretty sorry that I missed it. If you did too check out the links...

Austinist has an extensive review of all that went down on the 1st day, check back for the 2nd.

GorillavsBear has some really great polaroid shots from the weekend. Including the Diplo afterparty we drank too much at...

Sonic Itch Music has not only a great review, but some of the best pics I have seen so far.

You know Pitchfork was in town ruling with the Iron Fist, but damn it if they don't take a good pic.

PartyEnds has some great shots from the Girl Talk set, who is slowly redefining the term "crowd participation".

Side One:Track One really got into Battles, Cat Power not so much.