Okay, Sorry I'm Back

Excuse the absence for the last 3 days last week, I was just feeling really passionate about that Stars show, ha ha. No but really I was just caught up with the day to day nonsense that takes up my time from talking music with you! But I am back. I did manage to catch the Dandy Warhols Halloween Spectacular as you can see from the pics I included in this post. What a perfect Halloween, it was a Wizard of Oz theme from the band and the crowd also managed to join in on the fun.

Sadly I missed out on Fun Fun Fun Fest over the weekend but I will make it a point to put up a link selection of all the best reviews of this weekend from some of my favorite blogs. All was not lost though because I did manage to make it to Beauty Bar tonight for the GorillavsBear after party with Blaqstar, Prince Klassen, and the amazing Diplo!

The night was a blast. It was great to hang out with Chris and Garrison from GvB and hear stories on all the weekends festivities that I missed out on. I just checked GvB and they already have some stuff up from this weekend and will surely have some more up tomorrow when they get back to Dallas. Diplo was spinning everything from Hot Chip to T.I to Britney Spears and it was a damn good time. I also want to thank the guys for giving us the polaroid treatment they use on their site.

Check back later this afternoon, I will have:

The weekly rundown of shows going on this week.

Some shots from Voodoo Fest.

Dave Gahan album review.

Diplo pictures from last night.

I need some sleep for now, way to many drinks tonight and the time change confuses me.