Friday at Beauty Bar

Prince Klassen Fridays at Beauty Bar are always a good time. Whether it be to enjoy a diverse mix of music or to just people watch. The live music portion of the night is always filled with some of Austin's finest and this Friday taking the stage before the DJ's set will be Many Birthday's and The Politics.

Many Birthdays are this amazing band that I recently was fortunate to get word of. They have this mix of Japanese and English vocals and although based in Austin now recorded for a time in Osaka, Japan which no doubt shaped their sound. I am personally excited to see them live.

The Politics are also sharing the bill. The band obviously has a special place here on ultra8201 and have begun working on some new tracks, some of which have been performed live a couple of times and sound fantastic. I traveled with them in May on their tour and they played a show in California sponsored by Rock Insider and before they played this guy who called himself wallpaper performed. It was the strangest and most entertaining show and I had to get his E.P. I hadn't heard from him in a while and I was reading Rock Insider today and they have a new remix of M.I.A's "Boyz" that is great.

November 30th at Beauty Bar

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