Fader 50 - New York Rock

The Fader has always had a special place in my heart. Any publication that is willing to put the Mars Volta on a cover is alright by me. Maybe now that might not be so unheard of but the magazine did it back in 2003. 50 issues into it Fader is celebrating this milestone by releasing previously unused photos and footage.

Starting with a look back at New York Rock - The reason this caught my attention is that it was a time that was very special to me. I remember getting an E.P by this band The Strokes on a trip to Seattle in 2001. At the time it was three rough tracks and I remember getting excited about the simplicity of the songs yet how catchy they were and all the hype was just starting up which peaked my interest. An interesting fact is that when I got back from that trip Seattle I started an email account with the date I got back, 8/2/01, in it and added ultra after my favorite Depeche Mode album. Later using the name ultra8201 for a blog and well the rest is history.

After The Strokes broke out you started hearing about this amazing scene in New York and all these great bands were getting signed (Interpol, Yeah Yeah Yeah's, The Rapture) and of course it got a little out of control (Longwave, ARE Weapons, etc..) but it was a great time for music giving a break from the rap rock that ruled at the time. Backlash inevitably came as it does with anything but I will always be a fan of The Strokes.

In the Faders article writer Eric Ducker looks back on his memories of the era and how the city itself felt about the "scene" that was going on around them. Including the effect of 9/11 on the release of those albums and the traveling he did with The Strokes for their first Fader cover story. It's an interesting read and includes some great photos (I borrowed by favorite) as well as an unreleased video of The Strokes shot in an Andy Warhol screen test style that even though has no sound is still pretty cool. It also include shots of Karen O and videos from Liars and Moldy Peaches. Ahh Memories.....

Check it out: [The Fader #50 - New York Rock]