Review - Ghostface Killah at The Parish 11/24

Last nights show at The Parish was well worth the hour plus wait in the line to get in. It's a free show so I guess I had to play by the rules. Once in though the night started off in the best of ways. DJ Mel was behind the turntables and started the set off with 70's soul and then progressed throughout 80's rap and then making a stop for an extended set of every essential hip hop track released from 1988 - 1997. This guy knows his audience and caters to them in the best way. Check out his MySpace page for some great tracks and upcoming dates.

The Rhythm Roots All Stars are an amazing group of musicians who not only served as backing band on ALL tracks performed by Ghostface but were able to show off their own talents as well. They started the live music part of the night with a collection of their own music. The music has a latin influence with a jam band style. Not to mention amazing percussion that then lead in to the Ghostface introduction.

Ghostface Killah wasted no time breaking in to the set, he was even bold enough to perform the Champ as his second song. I wasn't expecting it till late in the set. Throughout the set he asked the crowd what they wanted hear and they shouted out tracks. Funny enough I was standing above a set list and they stuck to it the entire set, although it might have just been a coincidence? But luckily the set list was plentiful. I mentioned in the preview that I thought the set would be heavy with new tracks, this was not the case after all. He spread it out evenly from all albums and even did tracks from the Wu Tang albums, including a Triumph a cappella, as well as tracks from ODB and Raekwon's Cuban Linx. Proving that he is one of the most talented of all the Wu members and giving something that is hard to come by. A good hip hop live show.

Here's the setlist:

Love + Happiness
The Champ > Be Easy
I'll Take You There
Ice Cream > Hard To Handle > Ice Cream (extended)
The Forest
Pass The Mic
Set It Off > Apache
Fish (extended)
Greedy Bitches
Apollo Kids
Shimmy Shimmy Ya > C.R.E.A.M
Mr. Magic > Cher Chez La Ghost > Back Like That

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