Girl Talk Interview on Music Sucks

In the next two weeks when Fun Fun Fun Fest comes to life at Waterloo Park here in Austin one of the highlights for me will be the set done by Girl Talk. Known for his unique mash ups and the legal red tape in which he had to work around to release his music Gregg Gillis aka Girl Talk is hardly your average DJ. His Coachella set was spectacular, with half of the crowd joining him onstage and it turning into one of the best sets of the weekend. It also made way for local DJ Car Stereo (Wars) to get a deal at SXSW and release his debut "The Bandit" earlier this year.

Fellow music blogger Music (great name!) was fortunate enough to do an interview recently and it has some great info on what Gregg has been up to lately and whats coming up, check it out.

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Girl Talk at Fun Fun Fun Fest/ November 3rd - Stage 3 @ 8:40