New Music, because it's Monday?

I have the good fortune to have some really great upcoming musicians send me their music. And in celebration of that I thought I would compile a list of some of the notable things I have heard over the last few weeks. Give these a listen...

Peel -

The debut album from Peel is perhaps the most impressive first effort from any band you'll hear in 2007. This may sound bold, but the Austin quartet has created a sure-to-be enduring pop-rock record that begs to be heard. Peel's music is bursting with the kind of loose energy only young bands exude, yet the songs belie a cerebral approach to songwriting and lyrical maturity that usually takes years to discover.

Tracy McMillan -

Not my usual, but I do have a soft spot in my heart for her style of music. A mellow cross between Zero 7 and Portishead. Memorable lyrics and beautiful beats create an artist I can only wish that I see more of in the future. I got very excited when I saw that I could purchase her music on iTunes and it's been on constant rotation since.

Ghost of The Russian Empire-

Another Austin band that I have recently gotten to know. The style of their music recalls Radiohead. The use of horns adds an eerie effect to the music that makes it even harder to get out your head. And what a badass name, right? I really can't wait to see these guys live.