Year One

"In some vain way I thought you all might be interested in my days here in Austin. So Im going to talk about anything that happens and all that interests me and hopefully you will find some of what i post mildly interesting." ultra8201 - january 2006

A year ago today I started the blog Ultra8201 and this was the first thing I ever put on a post. I recieved a really cool gift for my first anniversary. I get home and see that I am on the official Coachella website. Fitting seeing that my first and most recent post are about the festival. So I thought I would recap my first year as a music blogger.

Started off blogging to an audience of one. Me.

Moved on to a much larger audience of 3 , my good friends who are still loyal readers to this day. Thanks BJ and Joel.

Leaked the ACL line up and recieved 1000 visitors on a single day for the first time. Was linked in GorillavsBear and recieved no credit for the leak. Thanks Chris.

Added to the Filter Magazine Music Alliance, really cool perks start to trickle in...

Get linked to some of my favorite sites, including Metro Distortion, Rock Insider, Whatevs, and Thighs Wide Shut.

Pass the 10,000 visitor mark.

Get to know more loyal readers, thanks Emma, JJ, and Diana!

Attend my first Lollapalooza and report daily from the site. Not my best work but a first and noble effort.

Ultra8201 is featured on News 8 Austin for my coverage of the Austin City Limits festival. I was so freaked out being interviewed for television.

Get featured on Austinist best of Austin blogs, twice!

Get to know my fellow Austin websites: Austin Sound, Covert Curiosity, Do512 and Unlock Austin.

Backstage at ACL! The Shins, TV on the Radio, and more.

A few thousand readers every week reading Ultra8201.

Listed as one of the most read SXSW guides for the upcoming conference. Added to several websites because of this.

Linked by BrookylnVegan, one of the best music blogs out there.

Linked by in the news section.

50,000+ readers to date! moves over to

Those were just some of the amazing things that happened this year. I want to thank everyone who reads ultra8201 for the support. Thanks to everyone in the Austin music scene for always being supportive. I can't wait to see what happens in my second year as a music blogger.