Start it off right....

Emos Free Week begins today, pick and choose from the many great bands that will be performing. You treat us too well Emos... Here is the list.

Tuesday, January 2

Inside: Signal Lost, Conversions, Storm the Tower, Repercussions, Bitch Attack
Lounge: Green Potato Ventures presents This Will Destroy You, Low Line Caller, The Interest Kills, The Laughing
Wednesday, January 3

Inside: Ume, Camp X-Ray, Red X Red M, Daniel Francis Doyle
Lounge: Youngmond Grand, The Last Gasp, The Mercers, Red Leaves
Thursday, January 4

Inside: The ATTAK (iN)FORMATION, Oh, Beast!!!, Horn Of Africa, Alright, Tonight!
Lounge: The Word Association, Zeale 32, Tee Double plus DJ Crown
Outside: Crash Gallery, AM Syndicate, Prom Nite, Lalaland
Friday, January 5
Inside: Amplified Heat, Lions, Full Stride, The Flood Lounge: Grand Champeen, Quien Es Boom, The Fall Collection, The Alice Rose
Outside: Lemurs, The Lord Henry, Clap!Clap!, Lomita
Saturday, January 6

Inside: Zykos, Brothers and Sisters, The Crack Pipes, The Strange Boys
Lounge: Cue, My Education, Horse Plus Donkey, Finally Punk
Outside: At All Cost, Warwulf, Tia Carrera, Me Infecto, the Snake Trap
Sunday, January 7

Inside: Chicken Ranch presents Automusik, The Troublemen, Mr. Lewis and The Funeral 5, The States
Lounge: When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, Dogme 95, Awesome Cool Dudes, MVSCVLS
Monday, January 8

Inside: The Onlys, Ghost of the Russian Empire, Midgetmen