Show week!

Finally, the week I have been waiting for. A great week for music in Austin and the end of the month long break from concert in the area. By the time the Faint came through in mid December I was worn out. Now with much time away the first couple of shows start this week. I also kept mildly busy this weekend. The blog now has these easy to use play buttons, no downloads just click and listen.

Wednesday, The Politics will take stage at Emo's and to celebrate the show they are releasing a new track from their forthcoming debut "Make Time For The Radio". And you can stream it now on their MySpace page. The show on Wednesday will also include She,Sir and Haunting Oboe Music.

Thursday brings Incubus and Albert Hammond Jr. to La Zona Rosa. I have to be honest, I didn't think this show would sell out in a matter of minutes. I may have to sit this one out. But I will try to get tix outside the venue if they are not to costly. If anyone sends me some pics from the show I will make it worth their while though.

And finally, Friday...

Ghostand at the Opera - Hogg Auditorium

One of my new favorite bands put on a light show to go along with the already spectacular live performance. They bring along Black Angels and (Car) Stereo Wars in what may be the best line up of the year (and it's January!) I can only imagine what an experience this will be. Plus I have amazing tickets. A pre show Happy Hour party is in the works as I type.

Also, after trying to do a music review section for the past year, well I gave up. But I do have an alternative. Every week I buy at least one new album, old or new. From now on when I do this I will post what I bought that week. I will include mp3's and links to check out that band.

For Example this week I bought: