Weekend shows, more SXSW...

Scottish Invasion Party @ SXSW (here are the bands, tell the View they are fire. Tell the Fratellis you dig the Goonies too)

[I don't understand the time schedule either]
Lava Lounge - 1-4 PM Friday 16 Mar 2007
Line-up TBC but 5 - 7 artists from:

Emma Pollock
Jo Mango
Malcolm Middleton
My Latest Novel
Paolo Nutini
The Fratellis
The Hazey Janes
The Hedrons
The Needles
The Twilight Sad
The View

The Austin Chronicle just released the ballots for the Austin Music Awards, new categories include best local label and best new indie band. You can vote by clicking [here]

A favorite to Ultra8201, For Those Who Know, will be performing at Beerland tonight along with AM Syndicate,and All in the Golden Afternoon. I would highly recommend this show.

Nine Inch Nails set to release a new album? I thought that would take at least 4 or 5 years, wow.

Here are some details according to Blabbermouth:

NINE INCH NAILS has set "Year Zero" as the title of its new album, which is due out in April and follows up 2005's "With Teeth". "It could be about the end of the world," the band's mastermind Trent Reznor wrote on the official NIN fan club web site The Spiral.In a recent interview with England's Kerrang! magazine, Reznor described the upcoming album's as "a collage of sound type of thing, not heavy in a metal guitar kind of way." He added, "With this record I feel a lot less concerned about what people think about it — especially the dying record industry. I couldn't care less about that right now." Reznor also revealed that the new effort is a concept album and "part of a bigger picture of a number of things I'm working on. Essentially I wrote the soundtrack to a movie that doesn't exist."