Austin City Limits Day 3

I decided to sleep in for Sunday. And I have to admit I got to ACL a little late today. I had decided since I had seen a majority of the artists playing early that I would show up in the middle of the day. My only regret is not seeing Jose Gonzalez, but I will make up for that next Friday when he comes back around here. It worked out though because I got great parking and made it earlier than I had planned anyways. So here is day 3.

Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals/The Flaming Lips- I literally bounced back between these two for the entire sets. Not as easy as it sounds seeing that the two stages are more than half a mile apart. But I did it and The Flaming Lips were in true from. Wayne Coyne was doing the bloody head thing, the martian thing, and the balloons and streamers thing. Don't get me wrong I love it and truly believe everyone should see a Lips show before they die. Ben Harpers was also excellent, highlight for me was when he was joined by the Marley's for Get Up, Stand Up. Truly amazing.

Muse- Wow! Had to be one of the best performances I saw all weekend. I was able to get front and center for this one and the energy was everywhere. What an amazing guitarist. I have to ask, who gave these guys only 45 minutes? Totally deserved an hour and a bigger stage. Great show.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers- What can you say about seeing a legend, the songs are classics, the crowd was enormous. With a storm on it's way I am sad to say I started walking towards the exit a little early. Not that it helped because half way out the downpour began.

What a great weekend. I know I kind of slacked it today but I did have some friends out today taking pics so I will have them up tomorrow sometime. I am going to rest now, get over the sun burn, aching feet, and get ready to get back to normal. See you tomorrow.....