Austin City Limits Day 2

The heat is getting to me. Yesterday started out kind of rough but turned out to be a be the best day so far. I finally got to post pics up at Flickr, you can see them [here] The weekend has been great. And here is my recap of day two...

Phoenix- Arrived later than I would have liked, but was able to watch two songs. I was recently given this CD and kind of brushed it off. Not because I didn't like it, just was not that into it. The performance made me feel like I should give it more of a listen. So it's the road music for the drive to the festival today.

Ghostland Observatory- By far the highlight of the weekend so far, this Austin band is on the verge of something great. They play with so much energy and with yesterday being the largest crowd they have played for I am sure they have quite a few new fans. I overheard a lot of people talking about them yesterday.

Ben Kweller- It was so hot at this point we caught the second half in the Oasis tent, poor Ben had nosebleed so bad blood was all over the place. Used a tampon to stop it, which was hilarious. Had to stop the set but I have a new found respect for Kweller.

Secret Machines- I love this band, they play such amazing music. I just wish they didn't have to play so early. They just seem more suited for night. I don't know why.

TV on the Radio- Took advantage of some backstage passes to catch these guys. The performance was probably my second favorite of the weekend. The new material is fantastic and I can't say enough to go buy the album. I was able to meet the guys after the show and get some great pics. Hope the guys from Metro Distortion are pleased.

The Shins- It funny because we went to the front of the stage where the photographers hang out and flashed our passes. By some miracle the security guard said okay and we were able to watch The Shins from the very front of the stage, awesome! The new stuff sounds good and they finished with So Says I, my personal favorite.

The Raconteurs- Very much the same set from Lolla but still damn good. I have been listening to the album lately and it grows on you.

Kings of Leon- The crowd was getting intense by this point and we barely made it to the show. My first time seeing them and I loved it. I wouldn't say I am a huge fan but they are another band that I need to start listening to more.

Willie Nelson- Had to catch a little bit of Nelson, a Texas legend. He played the first Austin City Limits TV show and it was about time they had him on the festival line up. What an amazing thing to see him perform. Grew up around his music and it was great.

Massive Attack- Visually it was amazing, and the music was perfect for the atmosphere of the evening. Only downfall was being extremely tired. Found a good spot and sat down for the show, too tired to walk or stand. Great end to the night.

On to day 3, I will post that and more later tonight.