Lolla Day 3

Ah, the last day. I am sad to see the end of this trip, but I sure am glad to be going home soon. I have done all that I can do in the Windy City. I love this town, and will be back soon. So I was checking out other websites reading about Lolla and it's interesting to see other peoples take on the whole experience. Some people liked what I though were bad performances, and some people hated what I though was great. Funny that way I guess. So here is the breakdown of day 3. I have so many pictures to put up when I get back, hopefully I will have more resources by the next festival. Here goes....

Sparta - Gotta show some love to El Paso boys, us sharing the same hometown, which is sadly having some flood problems right now. They played some new material, first with new guitarist, and it sounds great. It was raining when they started the set, Jim complained about Bush, a Sparta staple.

Hot Chip - Highlight of Day 3, these guys have been getting a lot of attention lately. I am kind of late on this but trying to catch up as they are becoming one of my new favorite bands. Hopefully they will tour in Texas soon enough. I think everyone should pick up their new album.

Matisyahu - Decided to check him out, easier walking wise, than The Shins. Good show, I have to admit I don't know all of his music all that well. He did his set and then was asked by Perry Farrell to do an encore. He does have a great energy, glad I saw him.

Queens of the Stone Age - The most no frills set of the weekend, but they don't need it because they kick ass. They came out and got the job done, I miss Nick though. Don't we all. Only downfall of this set was where we saw it from, worse spot I was in all weekend.

She Wants Revenge - I usually don't care for their live performance, but I have to admit they were a lot cooler this time than previously. Only stayed for a few songs seeing that I have seen them 425 times in Austin in the last few months. They have cool songs though.

Broken Social Scene - Saw them on the TV screen from the main stage, had to get a good spot for Chili Peppers. Seemed like they played a very triumphant set. And Emily from Metric was there, I love her. Crowd wanted encore but the band was not allowed, you could tell they felt bad.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - I don't know what to say, they are a brilliant band. John Frusciante is one of the most talented guitarist ever. The crowd was endless the songs were beautiful. A large portion being of the new album, which isn't bad, but it took away from them playing more of the classic songs. The crowd tried to rush the stage, poor security guys looked like weren't going to make it. Perfect end to a perfect weekend.

So that was the weekend, I will add more pictures and touch everything up when I get back. Today is my last day in Chicago, so I am going to do some tourist stuff. I want to thank the guys from Metro Distortion for the suggestions on where to go while I was here, Giordanos was the best deep dish pizza! Go check out their site, it is the best out there. Till tomorrow......