Lolla Day 2

Second day was even better than the first, pressed for time so here goes the breakdown...

Cold War Kids - Blogs have hyped up this band quite a bit, and it is for a reason. I knew they were good but the live show is a sight to see. I think if there was an upcoming band this weekend that stood out, these are the guys. Great show, a new favorite.

Go! Team - Fun, cool songs. Seen them before and it was more of the same.

Lanz - 16 year old white girl who made a name for herself in NY battle rapping. Terrible but I had to see this.

Wolfmother - I gave them a shot, those who read often know how I feel about them. Good times, still doesn't do anything for me but it was a very entertaining show. Just good old rock n roll.

Gnarls Barkley - Tennis costumes, In case you were wondering. The show was great, they did covers of The Greenhornes and The Doors and played some song "Crazy" everyone seem to like. One of the highlights of the weekend so far.

The Flaming Lips - Martians, Santa Claus, Balloons, Streamers, almost distracts you away from the fact that they are amazing musicians, but it sure was a feast for the eyes. Made friends with people standing next to us who happen to be from Austin, kick ass show.

Thievery Corporation - Only walked by but they sounded fantastic, had to get to Kanye.

Kanye West - Started off with some really bad sound, Kanye had a very Kanye moment threatening to fire somebody because of it, a fight broke out next to me. Played all the hits. And brought out everybody. Twista, Common, Lupe Fiasco, GLS. Lupe Fiasco is the shit by the way.
Finished up with "Touch the Sky". Great to see him in his hometown.

Finished the night off on Rush St. the club street, and went to the coolest bar. Retro with pics of Al Capone on the wall, had a crazy taxi driver, which was like a roller coaster ride, and R. Kelly is apparently staying, or had a party at our hotel. A real scene last night.

I can't say this enough, the people of Chicago are awesome, some of the nicest you will ever meet. Off to the festival, till tomorrow........