Lolla Day 1

So I woke up a little early today in order to find a free wireless hotspot. All so I can make a proper post about the the 1st day of Lollapalooza. Sorry for lack of info over last day or so, the hotel is very retro, cool, but no dependable internet connection. But I found a cool spot so here is the breakdown of day one...

SOUNDteam - Even at 11:45 these guys amaze me, the very 1st band to kick off the weekend, sounded great. They look exhausted from the tour but it didn't show in the performance. I was able to record a portion of the performance and will put it up on YouTube when I get back.

The Subways - Not a huge fan of these guys, but they made the show very entertaining. They have a lot of energy, I just think the songs are kind of lacking. I hope nobody hates me for that. Rock and Roll Queen is a kick ass song though.

Stars - Passed on Editors due to the set up of the festival and decided on Stars, thanks for the suggestion. They are a brilliant band, I would have preferred them in the evening but oh well, They were great, I wish I knew the music a lot better than I do, something I will work on when I get back.

Ryan Adams - Only caught a few minutes, he is very country right now.

Lady Sovereign - Started 20 minutes late, totally messing up my schedule, I was only able to stay for three songs because of this. She had an artist painting on stage with her which I thought was cool. Still can't get over how tiny she is.

Secret Machines - Only a few songs on the way to get a good spot for the Raconteurs, sounded good, seen them like 4 times though.

The Raconteurs - Highlight of the day, Jack White is a legend. Worth it just to see him play a guitar. Not to be outdone Brendan Benson carried his own through out the show. All the album plus an amazing cover of Gnarls Barkleys "Crazy", which I heard covered twice before but theirs was the best.

Violent Femmes - Their songs are already classics and it was a perfect soundtrack for sun down, the view was phenomenal.

VHS or Beta Dj set -Not to much here, I expected more. When are these guys going to play a show?

Death Cab for Cutie - Nice end to the night, skipped Ween, wanted a more relaxed crowd, they played all of the essentials. Not a huge fan, but as I mentioned in a previous post, they do put on a great live show. The walk back to the hotel was brutal, and it's across the street.

I have walked so much in the last three days.....

So that's all for now, I will post today's festivities tomorrow. Check out keyword LollaLives for 30 webisodes by Perry Farrell. I haven't seen them but they are being advertised all over the festival.
Hope all is well wherever you are......