Day 1

Finally made it, after learning how the Chicago transit system works we are finally settled in. This is an amazing town, taking the subway train into town and getting the view of the entire skyline, checking out Grant Park, and walking... a lot. Everyone seems to be really cool too, I had a preconceived notion that it would be different, I am pleasantly surprised. Today and tomorrow will be mostly normal updates and I will do daily recaps of Lollapalooza starting on Friday. Sorry for the lack of updates lately, lot of preparation needed to be done. So here goes......

Bloc Party, who will be at Stubbs BBQ on August 10, revealed the tracklisting for the new album, can't wait to hear the new tracks. Here is the tracklist:

A Prayer to the Lord
Hunting for Witches
It Started in an Afternoon
Song for Clay (Disappear Here)
Waiting for the 7:18
We Were Lovers
Where Is Home?

Don't forget you can stream live performances from Lollapalooza, at the Blue Room.

Stop by real soon, tons of stuff over the weekend..........