The Politics @ Momo's

Saturday night was the end of the line as far a concerts go (at least for a week or two) and I could not have chosen a better show. The Politics are one of the most unique bands in Austin right now. They are making traditional rock music but there is something in the way that they structure their songs that gives the music a style all it's own. The crowds for the shows are growing, and they add new songs to their setlist at a rapid rate. The new songs previewed at this show "Overrated" and "Hail to the Chief" are infectious, you hear them once and they're stuck. As far a upcoming bands in Austin, I would put these guys on that list, you can catch them on Saturday with Simon Dawes and The Films @ Flamingo Cantina, and after that on September 15th with another great Austin band She, Sir @ Ruta Maya.