Interview with The Politics

I was able to have a little Q & A with Steve from The Politics. The show tonight at Flamingo Cantina should be a great one, come check it out. Trying to define their sound is little hard given that it touches on so many influences but if you are a fan of rock, jazz, or new wave there is something for you. I also wanted to thank everyone for voting for me, if you haven't there is still time [link] On to the interview:

Ready for tonights show at Flamingo Cantina?

Oh yeah, we've been waiting for this a long time.

What can we expect from the show?

You can expect a lot of energy. This is our first show here in Austin, our first show EVER as The Politics, so we want it to be a memorable one. That's all anyone can hope for.

When can we expect the E.P to be released?

We don't have a definitive date as of yet, I mean you can download the songs off of myspace as of right now. But sometime in the next couple of months, we'll have it ready and we'll have them available at shows. The artwork on the EP is going to be amazing.

Where do you see yourselves a year from now, given what you have accomplished as a band so far?

To be honest, we aren't looking that far into the future, once we get our first couple of shows out of the way, we'll see what's up. It would be great to play SXSW though.

Tell us a little about the name The Politics.

It's a concept that Patrick came up with and Andrew and I adopted it very quickly. People automatically think of government and politicians but the meaning runs much deeper. Politics is the process and method of making decisions for groups and we are just applying it to music.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your songs?

They seem very personal. We draw inspiration from very personal things going on in our lives, that's why it comes off as that. The beautiful thing about music is that everyone can have a different interpretation of the same song. So let me ask you, what or whom does our music make you think about? That's a rhetorical question.

Again the show is at Flamingo Cantina beginning at 9pm tonight.

And more news:

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Oh and don't forget Cut Chemist tomorrow at Waterloo Park, starts at 7 and it's free. It will be at Emo's if it rains and SOUNDteam later that night at Emo's as well.