Interview with SOUNDteam

I was able to get a few questions to Bill from SOUNDteam, maybe you have heard of the band I have mentioned them once or twice on this site. I also want to mention and thank the Austinist for the article. It mentions the whole Pitchfork video and has their response to the video, which by the way makes them seem like even more pretentious assholes, here are the links [Austinist][Pitchfork] Here is the mini interview:

I love the Pitchfork video, did it really bother you at all?

Reviews that harsh can sting, but you get over it. Probably best not to pay too much attention to reviews, either good or bad. Making a video like that is part of the "getting-over-it" process. As Twain said, "Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand." I'm pretty sure that quotes applies here.

What are your plans after Lollapalooza?

Album will be released in UK via Parlophone; we will go promote promote promote. Then back to the studio and start recording the next album.

How does being on a label like Capitol change things?

The creative processes we brought into this whole situation haven't changed too much. People's expectations of us have changed, which may in turn affect their listening experience. I might add... we now get asked about our label a lot.

Strangest thing to happen on tour?

Swimming in an irrigation ditch.

How do you feel about blogs?

A good way for people to find new music. A great vehicle for self-expression. The modern version of the zine!