Interview with She,Sir

I have recently come across a very special band, Austin based She,Sir deliver a sonic sound that draws you in from the time you first hear their music. The attention to detail in the music is obvious, you get a sense that they almost obsess over every note. Which I for one am thankful. You can get a preview of an upcoming E.P "Who Can't Say Yes" via MySpace. Also the band was kind enough to let me preview upcoming tracks and the best is yet to come. I was able to interview the band so here goes:

Can you give a brief description of the band. Background, influences, etc..

Russell and I met while attending music composition classes in college. I think that we're influenced by a fairly wide range of music--everything from Webern and Varese to the Zombies to my Bloody Valentine and the Cocteau Twins. It's an interesting blend of sounds. We really try to invidually tailor every aspect of our songs, even down to the tuning of the drums. There's a lot of variety.

What is the origin of the name She, Sir?

We played for a while under different names, and this one stuck. It looks nice, and it doesn't seem to call anything else immediately to mind. We didn't want a name that would be distracting.

You met at Iowa State University, how did you end up in Austin?

We played around in a couple of different bands while we were at ISU. Eventually, I transferred to UI in Iowa City, and Russell moved to California for a year. When he came back, we decided to start writing and performing our own material exclusively. We mutually agreed to finish college before giving our music career a shot. I had made the 15 hour drive from Iowa City to Austin in four consecutive years just to buy a SXSW wristband. From the first time I visited, I had a feeling that Austin was home.

When can we expect the EP? Full Length?

We should have copies in our hand by the end of August. At this point, the only real barrier between us and a full-length is money. Finally having an EP to sell will help that. Any plans to start performing live? How do you feel about touring?We plan on performing live again in the very near future. We definitely feel that we are prepared for a tour as soon as the opportunity arises. Given that this is our first release, I expect that we'll have a better idea of our tour plans once we can gauge the response to the EP.

How do you feel about the music scene in Austin, any local bands that you are into?

We haven't been able to see nearly as many shows as we would have liked this year, but we really try to keep ourselves educated on the local scene. Our EP was recorded with the help of Rick and James Vehslage of For Those Who Know, whom we both really enjoy. Also Experimental Aircraft. The Black Angels. I've also found some fascinating Austin bands on the internet that seem to be starting out or not currently playing shows.

You can open for one band, who is it?

Assuming that the band has to be currently together, probably Echo & the Bunnymen. Or the Cocteau Twins, if that Coachella reunion had ever happened.

How was working with photographer Aubrey Edwards?

Aubrey is the first photographer we've ever worked with. The promo shots she took for us exceeded even our highest expectations. We definitely hope to work with her again in the future.

How is the internet, myspace working as far a promoting your music?

I think we're coming closer to finding out. We had been writing, recording, and playing music in utter and complete obscurity in Iowa for 3 years. The internet has been a great resource in helping us find our audience. We've been really overwhelmed with how positive the response has been to the preview tracks.

Considering your background, are you perfectionist?

We have made every attempt in making sure that this EP will be something that we can proudly claim as our own, whether it be six months or thirty years down the line. We decided a long time ago that we don't ever want to put out a release that we will feel the need to apologize for later. We sorted through many, many songs before we decided on these seven. It was very important to us that these songs work together as an organic whole. As a result, there are numerous themes that are interwoven between the songs. We have literally worn ourselves sick pouring over every tiny nuance of every single line. The most heated debate during the sessions focused on three notes in a third vocal harmony that's barely audible in the mix at all. We really hope that this is one of those recordings that people listen to in a very active sense. We are detail-oriented musicians seeking detail-oriented fans.

You can hear more of She, Sir by clicking these links [official][myspace]