Try to save myself, but myself keeps slipping away

Tried to post this earlier, but blogger sucks sometimes so I lost all that I had put in, got really pissed off about it, decided to spend sometime outdoors. Sorry about all that but I am back. NIN was great. It was the most well rounded show of the 3 I have seen this year. Playing tracks from the Fragile, which were absent the last time around. If I had to choose I would say the Austin performance was the best. You can read about that show [here] The photo, left, shows how close we were. Thanks to my good friend Esdhin for all the photos. Oh and they performed Starfuckers Inc. Yeah.

MTV Movie Awards on Thursday, Gnarls Barkley performed in Star Wars suits. Good enough reason to Tivo it.

New Razorlight "In The Morning", big in U.K.

The Raconteurs extend the U.S tour, check out the new dates.

Sound Team "Movie Monster" is out today, go buy it! You can stream the full album now though if you can't wait. [link]