Some new stuff

Trying something new, everyday I will post an mp3 and a link to the artist and you can push play and have a little music to listen to while you read the blog. I will also begin to post the list of shows in Austin for the night at the bottom.
Push Play and begin->Tokyo Police Club - Nature Of The Experiment [Link]
Austin was featured on the list of 8 cheap places you'd want to live, I didn't get the memo that it was cheap to live here. Did your city make the list?

Here is little bit about Austin:

Several years ago, a local resident told me that Austin had the largest population in the world of "Ph.D waiters," Ph.D waiters," which was his shorthand for highly-educated folks who opted to work menial jobs rather than leave their beloved city for better prospects elsewhere. A world-class music scene, great bars and the largest university in the U.S. are among Austin's attractions -- plus there's all the fun of watching the Texas legislature, given that this is also the state capital.
These days, of course, the Ph.Ds don't have to leave Austin for better prospects. The city's shaken off much of the fallout from the blowout: Sperling describes Austin as a "rising star" economically.

Watch out for: Allergy season can be long and brutal. And it's really, really hot in summer

Pet Sounds and Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys are being reissued, with a lot of extras. A must buy.

Austin based band The Politics are almost into Round 2 of the Lollapalooza's "Last Band Standing" but still need more votes, show some support by voting. [here]

I will be back in full effect tomorrow, till then drop a comment a let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions.
Tonight in Austin - Mon. 06/26
Rock and Roll Karaoke featuring Mr. E Psycho at Beerland (starts at 9pm) (Recommended)
Heart & Soul Sound System at Room 710
Drifted, Set Aflame at Headhunters (Set Aflame are good friends, go support them)
Meshbanes at Trophy's (free)