Beck/Jamie Lidell @ The Backyard

Beck is amazing, the show will probably be the best I will go to all summer. We got a break from the heat and the venue, even though sold out, was comfortable. Only caught 15 minutes of Jamie Lidell because of the ridiculous parking situation at the venue. But what I saw was great, Lidell has a great voice and plays various instruments and mixes. It's all over the place and kind of hard to explain, but I loved it. Beck plays amazing music and mixes a lot of different genre's and that's what he is great at, what I didn't expect was the way that he flowed throught the set and really meshed all his album's best tracks together. And don't get me started on the puppets, he has puppeteers on stage doing everything that each band member is doing and it is then projected on the screen above the band (you can sort of see it in the pic) it really adds something to the show. They also made a special video for Austin, something they did for Bonnaroo as well. Good time to say the least, oh and celebrity siting: the guy from the Orange County Choppers show that I don't watch.[the middle guy]