Missed another one, damn

I am not going to say I am going to shows anymore, only jinxes me. Didn't make it to The Walkmen last night. Felt really, really bad and decided to stay home. After about 12 hours of sleep I am up and refreshed. I don't feel too bad because I didn't plan on going in the first place. No telling how the weather will affect the Beck show tonight (it's raining) but I'm sure it will go on as planned. Hopefully it will cool things down, it is so hot right now. Not much fun at all.

If you couldn't get tickets to tonight's Beck show here is another good show taking place tonight,
Man Man, Lovely Feathers, Evangelicals at Emo's, check it out.

Whatevs.org was recently featured in Entertainment Weekly and talks about his favorite blogs, he mentions Thighs Wide Shut and Rock Insider, three sites that have recently added me to their list of links, and also some of my personal favorites. Congrats to Grambo on the article.

A whole lot of videos from the 80's, good fun.