The Streets/Lady Sovereign - La Zona Rosa

The Streets / Lady Sovereign was a phenomenal show. A hip-hop show can go either way depending on how much effort the artist puts into the show. MF Doom who also performed at La Zona Rosa a few months ago left a lot to be desired. And he is one of my favorites. So I was a little skeptical going into the show.

Lady Sovereign stands at about 5 foot nothing and is great, she was playful throughout the show and with the assistance of only a DJ managed to really get the crowd into it, something very hard for most openers to do. She was flown to N.Y by Jay-Z to audition for DefJam, apparently he liked what he saw, expect her Island/Def jam release soon.

The theme music from Scarface introduced The Streets and we were then treated to Mike Skinner and Co. dropping hits from all 3 albums. Improvising some of the songs between medley/covers of Don't Cha by Pussycat Dolls and I Bet That You Look Good on a Dancefloor by Arctic Monkeys. He also had bottles set up on stage with Titos Vodka and Brandy and went on to give out large sums of alcohol to the crowd. And still managed to repeatedly hit on a girl standing front row throughout the performance. Good Times

Push the play buttons and listen:
When You Wasn't Famous, The Streets
Get Out of My House (MC Remix), The Streets
Fix Up, Look Sharp, Dizzee Rascal
Gatheration, Lady Sovereign

Hope every digs the new layout, positive feedback so far, will have more posts up in a bit.

Photos courtesy of Joel Richardson.