It's getting really hot here

I was able to catch Mellowdrone @ Stubbs tonight. I had never heard any of their music before and honestly wasn't expecting much. I ended up really enjoy the show. They have some great songs and a really great attitude on stage. They took crowd participation to the next level by letting people onstage to perform on more than one occasion, which sounded horrible, but was still very cool of them. They will begin opening for Ima Robot and She Wants Revenge later this month. Stop by their sites and give them a listen
[official][mi espacia].

Rock Insider graces us with what will be the next big things come next year.Which poses the question, do blogs break great bands or create undeserved hype? Give them a listen and decide for yourself: Check out the site to hear the tracks, it is one my personal favorites.

The Rapture play secret show, the thing that caught my eye was that they are working with the amazing DangerMouse.

Tapes N' Tapes tonight @ Stubbs, see you there...