I remember when

Found a really great cover of the Gnarls Barkley track "Crazy" by Nelly Furtado that I just had to share.

Nelly Furtado - “Crazy” (mp3)

The rest of the Thom Yorke album, as far as I know...
and just so you know the track "Black Swan" will be featured on the soundtrack to the film "A Scanner Darkly" directed by Richard Linklater. Please check out the trailer for the film here [link]

1.The Eraser.mp3
3.The Clock.mp3
4.Black Swan.mp3
5.Skip Divided
6.Atoms for Peace.mp3
7.And It Rained All Night.mp3
8.Harrowdown Hill.mp3
9.Cymbal Rush.mp3

My good friend Fred is being featured on NBC's "Last Comic Standing" and he needs your vote so check it out and give him a vote. [link]

Free music, courtesy of I am a walking disaster! What are you waiting for go get it.