It's obvious what's happening here

So we have seen some rain finally, too bad some are still with out power. It has been days people let's get it together. Don't forget She Want Revenge at Stubbs and Art Brut at Emo's. I will flip a coin on which show to go to, maybe both. Or maybe it will rain again tonight and Stubbs will be out of the question, I will let you all know... Hope everyone is having a good Monday see you all tomorrow.

A little bit late, but a great video by Stephen Colbert mocking the Bush Adminstration and media. To their faces!

Click here to see a live performance by The Raconteurs.

MySpace the music video, kind of hit close to home....

St Vincent, talented singer from Dallas, something different, I love it.

Emily Haines (pictured, sort of) is the best, can't wait.

I love this video and I already put it a link to it, but want to put it here one more time. Album is out tomorrow, go buy it. Gnarls Barkley "Crazy".