Tear you apart

Gonna change it up soon, touch it up with a little dot com action. Making the move to the grown up table, what can I say. Thanks for all of the support. Coming soon more info, better pictures, interviews, as much as little old me can pull off. Of all the visits I get I have to ask where is Bath, U.K.? That was pretty cool! It's Sunday, nothing happens on Sunday but here is a few little news bits to keep you all entertained...........

So Austin is this technological mecca, why does the power always go out? I know Mother Nature is a bitch, but every time it rains?

A must see film, especially if you are an Austinite. Daniel Johnston is an amazing songwriter. Here are some showtimes.

Speaking of which he will do an instore at Waterloo Records on Thursday @ 5pm.

8 new songs!!! Cannot wait.

She Wants Revenge tomorrow night @ Stubbs BBQ. Get tickets here.

And the Spurs take 1st game against the Mavs! Goodnight see you all soon.