Helio Sequence - Emo's (Indoor)

Last night I risked my life to travel downtown in my pitiful excuse for a car, the rain was coming down so hard and the winds were high. But I eventually made it to Emo's to catch Helio Sequence. Not too many people were able to make it to the show because of the weather, but it was a lot more than I expected. It was worth all of the trouble, thought they were great. So much sound from only two people, and a laptop computer. I love their music, they are so underated as a band and deserve a lot more attention than they get. If you have a chance to see them during this tour I strongly suggest that you do.

Editors announce new U.S tour dates, still no Austin, but I will see them at Lollapalooza!

Best album of the last 20 years? We will see.

Red Hot Chili Peppers will be on SNL tomorrow, so Tivo that.

The Strokes played the Rolling Stone magazine 1000th issue party, Walk on the Wildside with Lou Reed!!, Juicebox with Eddie Vedder singing the chorus. Sounds fun. Here is a review by The Modern Age.

Have a good one, peace.