Everyone knows everyone

So look who decided to show up.... I am either really late or really early depending on how you want to look at it. Very busy day today, I like to wait until the last minute to pay for my shelter so I had to put in the overtime and crunch the numbers but I am happy to report that I made the rent just in the nick of time. I do like to keep things interesting you know, but now that all that is out of the way I can enjoy Helio Sequence tonight @ Emos. And if you can I think that you should too. Can't make the show, stop by their myspace page here and have a listen[link]
And know the super mega awesome link post........

The Mars Volta have been announced as the opening band on the Red Hot Chili Peppers tour this fall. Damn they better add some dates a little bit closer to home.

No White Stripes for a long time. JackWhite had his kid too.

This is weird, an Ipod vending machine? Only in Vegas.

New Coldplay video for the " The Hardest Part" via Stereogum.

The Jetson's movie better be good. I really liked the Jetson's growing up.

Cold War Kids = Next big thing? Check them out and decide for yourself. I am starting to hear a lot about this band and don't really know.

Speaking of which they are playing with Tapes n Tapes @ Stubbs on June 13th, I am there.

Time to sleep.