I've been taking my time

Check out this video/interview of We Are Scientists from their showcase during SXSW. It's a really funny interview and if you look carefully at the live performance at the front of the stage to the left hand side you will find me and my friends, most notably the guy in the red with the big head, who will remain nameless.[link]

Usually I will suggest a new release on Tuesday, today I suggest that you save your money for next week. Guess it's the holiday but nothing very notable is out today unless you still listen to Ice Cube. You can still see what is out by clicking [here]

Check out the new Zero 7 video "Throw it all away", kind of like the ebay "it" commercial, but extended and a little darker. Thanks to stereogum.

Scion is putting on a free show tonight featuring "Tony Touch" all you have to do is RSVP and you can do that right here [link] it's at the Parish, so check it out, I might since free is all I can afford for a while.

X-Men 3 made a whole lotta money this weekend 120 million to be exact, I think it is because people wanted to see Frasier as Beast.

Damn, not a whole lot going on today, guess everyone is hung over or out of town. Let me know what you think of the new layout, I did it while I was half awake and kind of saw it for the 1st time myself this morning.